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Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Devi Temple

Puja For Relief From Black Magic/Vasheekaranam, Kerala
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An astounding feature about this temple is that there is no idol in this temple. This temple is visited by devotees from all over the country. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. One of the main offerings at Kadampuzha Temple is Muttarukkal. Literally, Muttu means an obstacle and Arukkal means to cut. The Goddess blesses everyone and removes any obstacles being faced. There are a lot of listed obstacles for which this special offering is presented.
According to legends, Adi Sankaracharya, during one of his travels, passed through Kadampuzha, which was then a grassland. At one place he could not pass further, as he seemed to strike an invisible wall. It is believed that, he realised it to be the meeting point of the Goddess Parasakthi in her Devi Parvati incarnation and Lord Parameswara in his "Kirata" incarnation. Adi Sankaracharya prayed to the Devi and she gave darshan to him. The goddess disappeared into a small hole in the ground after blessing him. He offered the first prayers to the Goddess there on that day and the sanctum of the temple is said to have been built around that hole.
Amongst festivals, the Karthikai day which falls between the month of November–December, is considered a special day and is celebrated in a grand manner at the temple.
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