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  • Eachanari Vinayagar Ganesh Temple
  • Eachanari Vinayagar Ganesh Temple
  • Eachanari Vinayagar Ganesh Temple

Kovai Eachanari Vinayagar Ganesh Temple Coimbatore Tamilnadu

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The temple, dedicated to Lord Vinayaga is located in Echanary, 14 kms away from Gandhipuram and on the way to Pollachi. The temple is unique with its large idol worship of Lord Ganesha.
Lord Ganesha is considered as foremost god of the universe due to the fame of wisdom. It is believed that the idol of vinayaga 6 feet height and 3 feet diameter transported from Madurai to Perur via cart. On the way it became scatted and was unable to lift up. Several efforts were taken but could not materialized henceforth ldol was incarnated there and became popularly known as Echanary vinayaga temple.
Lord Vinayaga is dieted as the important symbolization of the pranava mantra. The idol of temple was actually designed for the incarnation in the Perur Patteshwarar Temple, one of the oldest and famous temples in Tamilnadu.
The mythological facts and entities concerned with the temple includes gold chariot, ganapathi homam, annadhanam scheme, free marriage scheme and ashram services. Gold chariot was designed and developed with the cost of 55 Lakhs. Since 1998 golden chariot was being used to perform different Offerings and services on special occasions. The golden chariot was mainly buildup for god's possession.Once a year, Ganapathy homam is conducted to please lord vinayaga. People believe that it would kick start their upcoming plans successfully. This temple arranges free marriage schemes as governed by the ruling authorities of the state.
The Echanary Vinayaga temple, dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Vinayaga, celebrates the chathurthi of lord vinayaga. The festival is celebrated in the honor of lord Ganesha, elephant headed god of wisdom. According to the puranas the festival starts on the 4th day of waxing moon and last for 10 days, ending with ananth chathurdeshi (14th day of waxing moon period). The people who believe in the tradition the clay images of lord Ganesha in temporary shrines and will be worshipped for 10 days with variety of herbal plants on the 10th the same will be immersed in the body of water, river such as lake etc. According to mythology, it is believed that water gets purified because of the herbs .This tradition was primarily introduced among the Hindus. Today this festival is celebrated as public event rather than religious event where any person who believes in the unity of god can partake in this. This was practiced in earlier days during the rule of Shivaji. Today this is celebrated as public event in India.Weeks or months prior to Ganesh chathirthi, the clay models will be built in colorful forms. Most serious impact of festival was the immersion of idols made from plaster of paris and was immersed in water which pollutes the purity of water.The temple is opened at 5am every day and will be closed by 10 pm without any change. Some of the decoration of incarnation includes thanga giridam, chandan alankaram, velli kavasam alangaram, vegetable alangaram, fruit alangaram, gold alangaram and a lot more.
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